The Poison Of Comparison

Does anyone else struggle with comparing themselves to others? Goodness knows that I have fallen into that pit more than once! I have looked at some person that I admire (usually someone that I do not know well, if at all), and wonder why I can’t be like them. Why can’t I be that attractive? That smart? That inspiring? That loving? That successful? That strong? That “put together?”

I hope that you are encouraged; there is comfort in knowing that you are not alone. There is even more comfort in knowing that you don’t have to forfeit your deep-seated peace and happiness to the comparison game any longer.

It’s time to jump out of the comparison rat wheel.

Recently, I felt the gentle nudging of God reminding me to run my race. Run to win. Run hard. Running to win requires focus on the path in front of me. If I were running a road race, my focus could not be on any other person if I expected to run well. Horses running races have blinders put next to their eyes to block out distractions.

We need some blinders!

When we focus on what we think we lack in comparison to others, we lose all perspective of what we have. We become depressed, and obsessed with idolizing another person in our mind, rather than praising the perfect God that formed us uniquely (He calls us His masterpiece, by the way. We aren’t an etch-of-sketch drawing; we are wondrous marvels of creation!). When we idolize others, we place them on a pedestal, and an unrealistic one might I add.

When I compare myself to another person, ruthlessly judging myself against them, I am not loving them. I am unfairly expecting them to live up to my expectations of who I think they are. I do not allow that person to be real. They need grace too.

The people that I idolize and measure myself against are imperfect, sometimes selfish, not always dressed up, and yes, they too struggle in marriage and other relationships. They get stressed, they fall short. They very well may be looking to jump off of the comparison rat wheel too!

Comparing ourselves to others is emotional suicide. We forfeit the fight for true peace and Comparisonhappiness by throwing away our God-given value. The enemy of our souls rages against us and robs us of all joy by whispering that seductive lie: “If you were only like HER, you would be happy, content, joyful. If your husband/wife looked like THAT. If you had THAT talent. If you had THAT personality. If you had THIS many facebook friends. If you held THAT title, or made THAT much money then life would be good.”

Dear friend, hear me now: let’s put down the vile of poison. Let’s put up our spiritual blinders and run the race set before us, fixing our eyes upon Jesus—the author and finisher of our faith.

Peter compared himself to John. He saw the disciple that Jesus loved, and after all that Jesus had done to restore Peter personally, still asked Jesus, “Well, what about that guy? Why can’t I do what he is doing.” Jesus, direct as He is, cut to the chase. He looked at Peter and said, “Don’t worry about him. YOU follow me.”

That is our call. YOU (me) follow Him. Today. Now.

Scripture reminds us that we are equipped for everything that God has for us. We have been given everything for life and godliness. Seek the shelter of the Good Shepherd that fights off our enemy that steals, kills, and destroys life and joy. Claim what has been given to you in Christ, and know that you are uniquely and wonderfully made.

Let us pray for hearts that understand what Christ has accomplished for us. Let us look to Him and stand in awe at who HE is, rather than the life of another fallible person. Let us be amazed that He is intimately involved in our lives. He loves us! THAT is truly worthy of gratitude and self-acceptance. Let us pray for understanding of what this means so that we are no longer tempted to be ungrateful for the lives that we as individuals have been given, or to idolize the imperfect lives of others.

Be encouraged. Your life is precious and unique. Own that truth today.

Run Hard. Love Strong.


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